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Request/Schedule Id # visible as reservation request is being filled out

It would be very useful if the request/schedule ID # could be visible or accessible while filling out a reservation request, rather than being provided only after the request has been submitted. This ID # is necessary for other documents needed fo...
Angela Mckeown about 23 hours ago in Request Submission 1 Being Reviewed

Integrate with Schoology

Would like to be able to transfer events over from schoology to ML Schedules
Guest 3 days ago in Integrations 1 Being Reviewed

Allow to delete multiple dates, or all dates in a recurring event.

ML allows to click specific dates (or all dates) when changing a recurring event, but you can't mass delete the recurring event.
Guest 7 days ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 0 Being Reviewed

Require a note/reason to be entered when declining a reservation.

When an approver declines an event, it would be beneficial for them to be required to enter a reason and/or note stating why the request was denied.
Angela Mckeown 3 months ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 5 Future consideration

Block Date by Space Type

It would be great to be able to add blocked dates by space type. Or even indoor/outdoor spaces. We have district holidays where our buildings are closed, but fields can still be used if available.
Maria Tivoli 3 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Future consideration

Per day hourly charge

In the manage fields section, it would be helpful to be able to be able to do a per day hourly charge instead of only having the option to do per event or hour. For instance, currently when someone rents two spaces, it charges double for equipment...
Erika Berg 16 days ago in Fields/Event Types 0 Being Reviewed

Create a calendar feed that does not include the Group in the extract

I am currently pulling a calendar feed to integrate into our webpage and other platforms, but I do not want the Group to be included in the extract. I would just like the name of the event, time, and location.
Donna Hemmer 10 days ago in Integrations 1 Already exists

API Feeds of public calendars for website

We have a Finalsite website and need live feeds for our calendar modules. The ical works but shows the group name before the event name.
Cheryl Persinger 28 days ago in Calendar 1 Future consideration

Prevent Groups from changing their name

We require insurance, so the group's name needs to be identical to what is on the insurance file. Once we approve a group, we don't want them to be able to adjust their name.
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Future consideration

Hide calendar information in the filter for public users

Staff calendar users cannot subscribe. Staff calendar has filter options to hide calendar information Public calendar does not allow the user to hide calendar information. Can it be an option for public calendar users to hide calendar information ...
Andy Emerine 11 days ago in Public Display Settings 1 Being Reviewed