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Add entire filtered calendar to google calendar

Could we please have a way to add an entire filtered calendar to google calendar rather than having to add invidicual spaced to intergrate into google? Ex: creating a filter in MLS with "food service" and being able to integrate that entire calend...
Guest 21 days ago in Integrations 1 Already exists

Assign Block Dates by Classification

We need to be able to use blocked dates but assign which classification(s) it applies too. We have some block dates that are specifically for outside groups only and we still allow our District staff to enter their building use. Example: Summer - ...
Guest about 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Already exists

It would be nice to have a download option on invoices. Currently I have to email it to myself to then download to my computer.

Currently if I want to attach an invoice to an email thread, I have to email the invoice to myself, download it and attach it. It would be nice if there was an option to download the invoice straight from MLS (under the Actions button) so I could ...
Guest 27 days ago in Contracts/Invoicing 1 Already exists