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Ability to add an existing occurrence to any other occurrence, without having to delete/cancel and re-create that occurrence.

When a requester submits multiple requests for the same site on different dates, if they use different times on each date, the requests are not grouped together under multiple requests or recurring requests (even though they are all really part of...
Guest 8 days ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 0 Being Reviewed

Additional Filters for Viewing all Occurences

I would like to see the following options when viewing a schedule: Drop-down to filter on pending user Date Range option (some of our schedules are very large)
Chris Gentile 23 days ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 0 Being Reviewed

Multiple Space Reservation Conflict

It currently doesn't display the conflict, which is causing us more work to investigate. Can you display the conflict right on that page so we know directly what it conflicts with?
Chris Gentile 23 days ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 0 Being Reviewed

ML Work Order Column - Custom report

It would be beneficial for the Custom report to have a column for Work Order IDs. We can then run a report, see all requests with their respective WO IDs from MLW, and send the requests to the users who need them.
Chris Gentile 8 days ago in Integrations 0 Being Reviewed

New account applicants to give a reason why they want a user account

I am looking for an option to have a brand new user have to input a reason/purpose for using the system and submitting requests/creating their account/group. We have users who we do know their information, requesting to use the system/creating an ...
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 1 Future consideration

Include All Site Names

When there is a multiple space/site request - Only the first site is displayed on the calendar. It would be beneficial if all sites and spaces were displayed instead.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Calendar / Notifications 0 Future consideration

More space filters

It would be helpful to classify the space types as indoor and outdoor spaces. This then would be helpful in creating filters, running reports, adding block dates etc.
Maria Tivoli about 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 3 Being Reviewed

Canceled Email Notes

When canceling an event or events when the selection is clicked to save and send email, it would be helpful for the Note/Reason for the cancelation to be shown right at the top of the email or included in the " A Recurring Request with Rio Rancho ...
Angela Mckeown about 1 month ago in Notifications 0 Future consideration

New Status - Billable Cancellation

Our District has organizations that cancel reservations and we remove the custodial charges but we need to bill them for the space.. It would benefit us to have a NEW STATUS (Billable Cancellation) Currently we have to leave the event "Approved" w...
Chris Gentile about 2 months ago in Contracts/Invoicing 0 Being Reviewed

Multi-Day Blocked Dates

I would love to be able to submit a multi-day blocked date. Currently, I have to set up the event from 12:00am-11:45pm on each separate day, which looks messy and confusing on the calendar. As the facility use coordinator for our district, I not o...
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Being Reviewed