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Include All Site Names

When there is a multiple space/site request - Only the first site is displayed on the calendar. It would be beneficial if all sites and spaces were displayed instead.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Calendar / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Block Date by Space Type

It would be great to be able to add blocked dates by space type. Or even indoor/outdoor spaces. We have district holidays where our buildings are closed, but fields can still be used if available.
Maria Tivoli about 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Being Reviewed

Select "All" Option in Multiple Spaces on One Date

We have buildings that like to book all their spaces for an event. A select all option after clicking view would be a time saver instead of clicking all the space boxes.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Request Submission 2 Future consideration

Require a note/reason to be entered when declining a reservation.

When an approver declines an event, it would be beneficial for them to be required to enter a reason and/or note stating why the request was denied.
Angela Mckeown about 2 months ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 4 Being Reviewed

Automated Past Due Invoice Email

It would be helpful to have an email history of when the automated past due emails are sent as well as the MLS Administrator being cc'd on those emails. Another place they could be recorded is at the bottom of the invoice under the Invoice History.
Chris Gentile about 2 months ago in Contracts/Invoicing / Notifications 0 Being Reviewed

Customize The Request Form

As a technology and facility director, I would like to be able to edit the "Sections" field of the facility request to better capture and organize information. This Includes: Changing the Section Names and Re-ordering them Re-order the fields with...
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in General Admin Settings / Request Submission 0 Planned

Show/Hide Fields Dependent on Other Questions

On the Request Form can we add mandatory sections, then that generates a drop down. For example: Is IT support needed? Yes/No Then if Yes, the form expands to include specifics for the event. We would also like to do the same dropdowns for A/V sup...
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Request Submission 0 Planned

New account applicants to give a reason why they want a user account

I am looking for an option to have a brand new user have to input a reason/purpose for using the system and submitting requests/creating their account/group. We have users who we do know their information, requesting to use the system/creating an ...
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 1 Future consideration

In-App Announcement

As an admin in ML Schedules, I would like to be able to put out a message to all users or ones within specific classifications for them to see when they login.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Multi-Day Blocked Dates

I would love to be able to submit a multi-day blocked date. Currently, I have to set up the event from 12:00am-11:45pm on each separate day, which looks messy and confusing on the calendar. As the facility use coordinator for our district, I not o...
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Being Reviewed