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Group Contact Field

We have several community groups who might be scheduled by 1 manager, but the persons at the event are someone else. We have to have emergency contact info for the "adult-in-charge" at all events. It would be very helpful to have an "Event Contact...
Guest 3 days ago in Classification/Groups/Users 1 Being Reviewed

Bound Integration

We would like to be able to pull items from Bound into ML Schedules.
Chris Gentile 4 days ago in Integrations 0 Planned

Create an mobile app for users

I believe a mobile app would be a great idea for support staff and managements use on the go.
Guest 5 days ago in Integrations 0 Being Reviewed

Prevent Groups from changing their name

We require insurance, so the group's name needs to be identical to what is on the insurance file. Once we approve a group, we don't want them to be able to adjust their name.
Chris Gentile about 1 month ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Future consideration

Make an individual user phone number required

It would be helpful to make a user's phone number required, as some of our staff needs to talk to teachers/staff about their rentals, and their cell number would be better to have in our records. As teachers do not always have the ability to answe...
Guest 11 days ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Being Reviewed

Block Date by Space Type

It would be great to be able to add blocked dates by space type. Or even indoor/outdoor spaces. We have district holidays where our buildings are closed, but fields can still be used if available.
Maria Tivoli 2 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information 0 Being Reviewed

Classifications Allowed by Space Type

I would like the ability to mass update space types for classifications allowed. We can already mass update rates by space type, and rates are based on classifications. When I add a new classification, they are suddenly added to all spaces. Curren...
Emily Striet 17 days ago in Locations 0 Being Reviewed

Require a note/reason to be entered when declining a reservation.

When an approver declines an event, it would be beneficial for them to be required to enter a reason and/or note stating why the request was denied.
Angela Mckeown 2 months ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 4 Being Reviewed

Keep Fields on Request Details even when de-activated from space

If the field was in the space when that request was submitted, it should be stored and visible on the request details to be able to still adjust or manually 0 out if needed. Right now, when you remove a field from the space, you are no longer able...
Dan Grassel about 1 month ago in Editing/Viewing a Request / Fields/Event Types 0 Being Reviewed

Automated Past Due Invoice Email

It would be helpful to have an email history of when the automated past due emails are sent as well as the MLS Administrator being cc'd on those emails. Another place they could be recorded is at the bottom of the invoice under the Invoice History.
Chris Gentile 2 months ago in Contracts/Invoicing / Notifications 0 Being Reviewed