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Store Old Insurance Files

I would like to be able to store all old insurance files and reference them in ML Schedules.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Future consideration

ML Work Order Column - Custom report

It would be beneficial for the Custom report to have a column for Work Order IDs. We can then run a report, see all requests with their respective WO IDs from MLW, and send the requests to the users who need them.
Chris Gentile 26 days ago in Integrations 0 Being Reviewed

have custom fields default to certain values based on certain parameters (ex. classifications and time of events)

This pertains to invoicing - But for custom fields such as custodian - I want to be able to default a field to be selected to YES - for example outside group need a custodian for weekends - I want that field to default to YES automatically for any...
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Request Submission 0 Future consideration

Edit Request to a Past Date

I want to be able to edit a request to a past date. Right now, I have to do a complete new submission to accommodate this.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Editing/Viewing a Request 2 Future consideration

When creating a new request, give admin users the option to limit users selection to "One Time Event" only

We want to limit the ability for users to create repeating or reoccurring events. Some folks might try and book a space for the entire school year. We want to prevent that even before it begins.
Chris Gentile 3 months ago in Request Submission 4 Being Reviewed

Allow blocking for past due invoices on the group level instead of classification level

I would like only to block specific groups within a classification instead.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Future consideration

calendar information/blocked dates to have their own color coding

With 9 locations within our district, background colors for locations need to be distinctive to the eye.Seeing the blocked dates and calendar information in its own unique color would be beneficial to viewers using the calendar without filters to ...
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information / Calendar 0 Future consideration

Show Blocked Dates as Not available

Right now, when someone with Bypass Blocked Dates submits a reservation, it just shows them as available and the option to continue. We would like this to work similarly to double booking. Show the event as not available but display a message they...
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Blocked Dates/Calendar Information / Request Submission 0 Future consideration

Remove the ability to create duplicate groups

Somehow work to prevent duplicate groups from being created in MLS. It's become quite crowded with multiple groups using the same names etc and we are having to chase down COI, but if they were under one group then we would have all of that info t...
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users 0 Future consideration

Setttings regarding cancelations and removing the fees from an invoice

For invoicing - we would like the the option to set a date perameter for cancelations - example if a cancelation is done 5 days prior to the event date then remove the amount from the invoice, if the cancelation is completed less than 5 days befor...
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Contracts/Invoicing 0 Future consideration