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Freeze Top Row

Are you able to freeze the top row that lists the Headers, such as in the View All Pending Requests view, so that when scrolling down through many rows the Header is still visible and you don't have to scroll back up to the top to see which column...
Chris Gentile 3 months ago in Request Pages 0 Future consideration

A Page for Links/Documents

I would like there to be a section on MLS where Admin can upload essential documents for users to view. Preferably their home or profile page. I would like them to always have access to a link back to the original district site/always have access ...
Emily Striet 17 days ago in Request Pages 0 Being Reviewed

Be able to sort after grouping column

On Manage Requests, I noticed that when grouping by a column, the date sorting feature no longer works. For example, I am grouping by Date and Event, however the dates only show in Ascending order (olders first). When I click on the Start Date to ...
Chris Gentile 3 months ago in Request Pages 0 Being Reviewed

"Request on Behalf of" drop down should contain only groups with primary manager.

The "Request on Behalf of" drop down should contain only groups with the primary manager, not all managers in the group. We have users select the groups (we use them as departments) when they schedule a meeting for that department - it is confusin...
Krystalyn Silva about 2 months ago in Request Pages 1 Will not implement

Implement Saved Filters

It would be useful to allow end users to save filters for any list page within MLSchedules in a similar method to the Calendar Filtering available on the calendar page. For any page listing events, it would also help to have a separate box at the ...
Chris Gentile 3 months ago in Calendar / Request Pages 0 Future consideration

Add Total Cost Column on the View All Occurrences page

It would be beneficial if the total cost for each event was on this page - that way I can easily see if something is different or missing.
Chris Gentile 4 months ago in Contracts/Invoicing / Request Pages 0 Future consideration

Have Group User filter un removable on My Requests Page

I want to prevent this page from being modifiable - Its possible for users to clear filters and it will cause confusion if they see other user's requests.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Request Pages 0 Future consideration

Find a Space Cost Column

Right now, the cost column is displaying the total for all days requested. Can we update the cost column to include the rate?
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Request Pages / Request Submission 0 Future consideration

Schedule View Update

Add "Awaiting Approval" Filter to the schedule view. This will allow anyone to filter on schedules that are pending their approval.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Reports / Request Pages 0 Future consideration

Allow Groups that are not yet approved to still enter requests

I would like the ability for our groups to be able to add requests to the system, even if they're not approved by the district.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Classification/Groups/Users / Request Pages 0 Will not implement