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Keep Fields on Request Details even when de-activated from space

If the field was in the space when that request was submitted, it should be stored and visible on the request details to be able to still adjust or manually 0 out if needed. Right now, when you remove a field from the space, you are no longer able...
Dan Grassel about 1 month ago in Editing/Viewing a Request / Fields/Event Types 0 Being Reviewed

Sort Fields

I would like to be able to sort my fields, so I know how they display on the request form.
Chris Gentile 5 months ago in Fields/Event Types / General Admin Settings / Request Submission 0 Planned

Increase the text limit in additional information (custom fields)

In the additional information field, we have custom fields that will send an e-mail to other's to notify them of the request and what needs to be done however there is a text limit of 75 characters. Some of our events have a detailed list of thing...
Sarah Loeffler about 1 month ago in Fields/Event Types 0 Being Reviewed

Event Type Shows in Change History when Adding Space/Date - can this be removed?

We had a situation where an event type was added to the request by the original requestor for a recurring request. Then, the district admin used add spaces/dates to add a new space to this recurring event. This brought over the event type, which i...
Chris Gentile 3 months ago in Fields/Event Types 0 Future consideration